In the heat of the summer.

I Can’t Breathe

I wrote this song, "I Can't Breathe," after the death of Eric Garner. Unfortunately, it's now also about George Floyd.

Dear Landlord #rentstrike

The song for today is a poem, which I'm sending to my landlord, The Randall Group, in lieu of rent next month.

If you walk around on the empty streets of Portland, in every neighborhood you will find discarded couches littering the sidewalks. Where did they all come from? Largely from people who are moving out of their homes because they can't pay the rent -- despite the fact that there is currently a suspension on evictions, no one has told them about it. #rentstrike

On May 15th, 1919, during a global pandemic that was in the process of taking even more lives than the World War that had recently ended, the Winnipeg General Strike began.

New song: “Precipice”

Just a song for today.

The second of ten Irish Republican prisoners to die on hunger strike in 1981 was a legendary figure named Francis Hughes.

Mostly about how the term "social distancing" seems very appropriate most of the time, much as we'd like to hope that all we're doing is distancing ourselves from each other physically.

Fifty years ago, on May 4th, 1970, after Governor Ronald Reagan and other prominent politicians compared student protesters to Nazis, National Guard troops on the campus of Kent State University in Ohio opened fire on them, killing four -- from a distance of several hundred feet.

75 years ago today, the Red Army was fighting its way across Germany, heading towards Berlin.  On their way there, they liberated hundreds of former concentration camp prisoners while they were on a death march from Ravensbruck to Berlin.  When the international group of women who had just been liberated realized they were now free, they spontaneously began singing "The Internationale."

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