I have just had what has now become a familiar experience to many:  after seven months of busy signals and inexplicable rejections, a windfall arrived, in the form of one check for each of the 29 weeks that have gone by since I first applied, which was when applying at all became a possibility for gig workers in Oregon like me.  Which was a month after all of my tours were canceled, and all the venues and all the borders were closed.

2003: The Miami Model

At this time in November, 2003, downtown Miami, Florida was drenched in tear gas, as the Free Trade Area of the Americas talks went on there, along with the protests.

1915: Joe Hill executed

On November 19th, 1915, IWW organizer, cartoonist, songwriter and popular educator from Gävle, Sweden, Joel Emmanuel Hägglund, better known as Joe Hill, was executed by firing squad in Salt Lake City, Utah.  His state murder was only one of many official and unofficial lynchings of union organizers across the US during the period.

To put it simply, the way things are in the modern Big Tech-dominated economy, crowdfunded patronage is the only way for someone like me to survive as an artist today.  In 2020 that's much more true.  So, to everyone in the world who appreciates artists:  thank you for your support.  You make my art/life possible (just).  If you want to make it a bit more possible: patreon.com/davidrovics

New song: “They Lied”

Every day I read another story of someone whose last words were "I wish I had believed the virus was real."  This song could be from the vantage point of any number of them, sadly.

Just how top-heavy can an icon be before it can't stand up at all?

It's November 2020, it's been quite a year
I can't imagine where we'll be once December is here

#Vaccine (a love song)

The new vaccine Pfizer is talking about may or may not be the one, but the news had at least a slightly therapeutic impact on the state of my imagination.

1999: Y2K

Chuck Rosina was going through his old cassette tape recordings of his radio shows from the 1990's, and he came across this little gem.  It's a clip of a visit to the radio studio in the basement at MIT, where WMBR is located.  Rich Caloggero is accompanying me on guitar.  The song is clearly very Jim Page influenced (as are lots of my songs), and very dated.  The atmosphere around the conversation that evening in the fall of 1999 really seems to capture the optimistic feeling within the very active global justice movement of the day, long before 911 substantively changed that.

FRENCH SPEAKERS:  Joviale with Radio Zinzine in France did a two-part special on the history of 2020, annotated by my songs on the subject.  (The songs are in English, everything else is in French.)

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