1945: Hiroshima

On August 6th, 1945, the US became the first and only nation ever to use a nuclear weapon against a civilian population.  The genocidal bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had no military value, and were done entirely for propaganda purposes.

One of the places Trump has recently deployed extra special federal agents is on the Mexican border, where No More Deaths is active. I wrote a song about them, and the latest political trial against the activists, resulting in the latest acquittal.  (The song is the title track of my 2019 album, Strangers & Friends.)

As a touring musician with connections in many different countries, I always thought I had a sort of job security.  I also never thought I'd retire, either voluntarily or otherwise.

In response to the US entry into World War 1, and after a years-long campaign of industrial sabotage and terrorizing landlords, a secret, multi-racial organization in Oklahoma with an estimated 35,000 members called the Working Class Union began an abortive march to Washington, DC.

Many peasant uprisings and one excellent tweet from Jimmy Dore, and a song was born.

In the hills outside of Victoria, BC, an armed agent of the state killed Ginger Goodwin, a leader of the radical Canadian labor movement of the day, for his opposition to World War 1.  10,000 people came to his funeral (about 1 in 5 people from the greater Victoria area were there).

If you go to downtown Portland any evening of the week these days, you will find on one side, federal agents in camouflage, armed with a broad array of often mysterious weaponry.  On the other side, a wide spectrum of people, mostly on the younger side, not infrequently bearing either an umbrella or a leaf-blower.

One of the many political prisoners in the US who has recently tested positive for Covid-19 is whistle-blower, Reality Winner. Here's a song about her which appears on my 2019 album, Strangers & Friends.

Many people are not aware that Portland, Oregon is the biggest city in a state with a long history of institutional racism (founded as a White Homeland), and a city with a long history of being run on behalf of long line of white property owners with inherited wealth, such as the current mayor, who has presided over the ethnic cleansing of this city through gentrification, who is the police commissioner of a toxic, profoundly unaccountable police department with a terrible and very recent history of carnage. But maybe you did hear about the fire last night.

New song: Another World

Another world is possible.  RIP John Lewis.

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