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May 24th is a good day to remember that the current prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has long enjoyed immense bipartisan support in the US Congress. On this date in 2011, Netanyahu gave a hawkish speech to both houses of Congress, during which he received 29 standing ovations with extended bouts of applause. This for a man leading a nation that refuses to say where, exactly, its borders are.

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The Naqba

May 15th, 1948 is known by the state of Israel as Independence Day. Palestinians call it the Naqba, or the Catastrophe. In the course of the previous year, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled their lands in terror.

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The First Intifada

On April 22nd, 1991, a young Palestinian named Saed Bannoura was shot 6 times by IDF soldiers — but he refused to die.

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