On February 19th 1942, President Franklin Roosevelt signed an executive order condemning anyone of Japanese descent to indefinite imprisonment without trial, whether they be men, women, children, seniors, whether they be recent immigrants from Japan, or third-generation Americans.


BREAKING NEWS: There are no cross-Canada trains running today, because the tracks are blocked by Mohawks and others participating in blockades across the colonized nation. Thousands of travelers and billions of dollars worth of freight is currently not moving.

Once the Oregon Territory had achieved the fundamental requisite for graduating from "territory" to "state" – a white settler majority – it became the first state in the US to officially exclude a people of color from owning property, as part of the state constitution.

On February 13th, 2018, the last two members of the Rotherham 12 were acquitted. These Asian men in the north of England had been facing years in prison for defending themselves against violent racists, which they had been forced to confront because of the actions of another group of racists -- the Rotherham police.

Bernie 2020

If Bernie Sanders has any chance of getting into the White House, it will only be because he was propelled there by a massive popular movement.  His own party's leadership would rather have fascism than socialism, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

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February 3rd, 1788 became known as the date of the "last battle" of Shays' Rebellion.  It marked the end of the three-year period during with tenant farmers in western Massachusetts took over half the state and prevented the allegedly "revolutionary" courts from functioning -- thereby preventing any evictions of actual revolutionaries.

Here In The Matrix

Warning: if you haven't seen the 1999 dystopia/reality classic film, The Matrix, this song could be a bit of a spoiler. If I had written it more than two decades earlier and had connections in Hollywood, it might have made a good song for the credits...

1933: Hitler came to power

On January 30th, 1933, Adolf Hitler was invited into a sort of coalition government in Germany.  Hitler began the process of undermining the fragile institutions of German democracy right away, but it would be over five years before the invasion of Poland, and what is generally considered to be the beginning of the Second World War, was launched. 

The Battle of the Børsen

On January 29th, 1918, thousands of angry Danes marched from the House of the People to the Copenhagen Stock Exchange, and took it over for the day.

Margot Black Campaign Song

The founder of the Portland Tenants Union is running for the Portland City Council, to replace the late Nick Fish, so I wrote a campaign song.   The election is May 19th, 2020.  Take the city back with Margot Black!   

You can write your own campaign song, too, whether you're a Portland voter or not.  And whether or not you're going to go knocking on doors for Margot's campaign, another thing you can do is make a video to help amplify the message of this song.  (Which is true of other songs as well, incidentally.)

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